What We Offer

Everything you need to get your I.C.O. started the right way; structuring, strategic, marketing, tech and back-office service. We are truly the one-stop-shop for any Initial Coin Offering.

ICO Advisory

How do you manouvre in this new, complex industry? Our director literally wrote the book on it, with us, you know you are in good hands.

Our dedicated professionals have experience launching their own I.C.O. and knows the landscape inside out, no matter your jurisdiction. Expertise you can rely on.

Experienced proffesional

Our reliable consultants speaks from experience; not only in I.C.O.'s, but also bordering sectors.

Get the full picture

Cover all your bases, from consultants who understands your business needs as well as the industry requirements.

Online Marketing

A good story needs a clear voice. our specialists offer a full service support system to successfully launch and market your ICO.

I.C.O. marketing goes further than branding and logo's; it's about attracting and maintaining a community. Our team can guide you every step of the way.

PR & Branding

We can brand your company and show it's real value; We redfine the meaning of P.R.

Community management & engagement

We know the key to launching your succesful I.C.O.; a solid community. We have everything you'll need to build and maintain one.


Our tech specialists are knowledgable on the entire spectrum; from web-development to blockchain technologies and everything inbetween; let us help you with proven solutions.

You want a really innovative product? Our techteam offers custom made solutions. Challenge accepted!

Strategy and advise

Let us help you guide your techteam, and strategise from a business ánd tech angle.

Design and development

We can think of solutions and build them too!

Financial and Business insights

Do you really understand the new way of conducting business? Get the in-depth picture and let us run analysis on your white paper and visions.

The succes of your I.C.O. depends on the success of your business plan. Let's make sure that your business maximizes effectiveness.

Financial Insights

Uncover oppurtunities, and see how you can optimize your revenue.

Business Growth Experts

Strategic planning, partnerships and collaboration pivots your business.

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News updates

Singapore, 14-11-2017

How to ICO/ITO

We are excited to announce that the first print of ICO book launch authored by Malcolm Tan has been fully sold. The second print is now currently available at our events with Asia Blockchain Association and on Kindle.

Get it now!

Singapore, 10-09-2017


Gravitas Holdings is the advisory board behind the AEXON community token for entrepreneurs.

Check it out

Singapore, 20-10-2017

Attend our MeetUps

Giving back to the community is important to us. Join us in our events to learn more on various topics related to cryptocurrencies. Click Asia Blockchain Association on our major South East Asian tie-up on Meetup.com.

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ICO Expertise

C.E.O. Gravitas Holdings Singapore

Malcolm Tan

Legally trained, specialising in various technology, international law and "grey area" legal subjects, Malcolm was a Litigation lawyer in early practice and later a full service lawyer. An intellectual serial entrepreneur at heart with vast experiences in multiple industries, he knows how to put your business needs first.

Financial Insight


Ken Wang

With over 18 years of sales management experience in the Finance Industry, IT Industry and Commodities Industry with exceptional sales performance. Ken has extensive experiences across Asia Pacific including Japan, India and China.

Marketing Specialists

Lilun Lee

Director of marketing and communication

Co-founder of Helios Media Design, Lilun is an experienced professional, whose knowledge on both traditional and digital marketing benefit any I.C.O. LiLun and his team can strategise and operate for you, ensuring the success of your launch.

Melissa Yoon

Community Manager

Melissa has a background in finance, and has excellent communication skills. Her dedication to the community makes her the perfect community manager, ready to engage your network.

String Nguyen

Marketing Advisor (specializing in Linkedin Video)

String is well known creative Tech Strategist and best known for her LinkedIn and Video marketing campaigns. She is the No 1 Video Content Marketer on Linkedin and works with corporations, brands, and start-ups. She helps these businesses grow their presence, increase sales, and establish an authority position in their industry. She has a wide network as she has helped multiple companies with their Crypto Currencies throughout Asia, US, and Australia.

Technical Team

Santosh Rout

Software Engineer and Technical Advisor

Santosh Rout is a very knowledgable tech-entrepreneur. He has more than 30 years in the tech-industry, both as a software developer and a founder and businessdeveloper. His depth in tech knowledge has been highly commended as reliable and rational.

Saravan Periyasamy

Software Engineer and Technical Advisor

Saravan is a software engineer with a passion for software development and product managing. His can-do attitude and technical insight can be a valuable asset for the development aspects of projects.

Fleur Arkesteijn

Consultant software engineering and business analysis intern

Fleur started as a software engineering intern and quickly proved her value, as she combines technical skills with business and investment sense, providing useful insights amalgamating technological and business values.